Carpet Cleaning 101

Unlike other flooring materials, carpets can be tough to maintain and keep clean. Foot traffic on a carpet or rug is bound to track in dirt, mud, and bacteria that will break down the integrity and look of this popular flooring option over time.Failure to maintain the cleanliness and durability of your carpet can lead to stains, smells, or even mold. These issues can lead to costly carpet cleaning and replacement. That is why it is essential to regularly clean and maintain the carpets in your home or business to avoid these unnecessary costs and keep your carpeted space visually pleasing to anyone who enters it.

Tips For Maintaining a Beautiful Carpet

Carpet cleaning is typically divided into three types of maintenance: Routine, Interim, and Restorative. Routine cleaning is daily and involves spot cleaning and vacuuming to keep your carpet free from stains, smells, and soil. Interim carpet cleaning is less regular and utilizes the latest advanced cleaning technologies to loosen dirt from the top layers of a carpet. After the dirt is loosened with industrial cleaning machines, other carpet cleaning instruments are used to freshen a carpet's smell with shampoos and cleaning solvents. Restorative Carpet cleaning is primarily for areas with heavy foot traffic or carpets that have been neglected for an extended period. The powerful equipment used in this process is designed to deep clean your carpets using shampoos, cleaning solvents, and high-powered vacuums. Depending on your needs, one or all of these types of maintenance may be necessary to keep your carpeting in perfect condition. commercial carpet cleaning near me in Hampton Roads

The Right Tools For The Job

Professional carpet cleaning services exist in every town in the USA. For example, typing commercial carpet cleaning near me in Hampton Roads into Google will return hundreds of results for reputable companies.

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